RF LED Lock S3131

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LED display model
Fancy Features:

To show room number, status of batteries, time and date.

Indication of lock status such as “Welcome”, “Don’t disturb”, “Wrong card”…etc. And error self-detective info is available as well.


  • Panels: SS304
  • Handles: SS304
  • Deadbolt: Zinc Alloy or SS304
  • Mortise: Cooling steel
  • Cylinder: Pure copper


  • Dimension of External Panel: L270mm*W74.5mm*H15.5mm
  • Material: Brass, Moisture Proof, Fire Retardant
  • Working Voltage: DC6V or 4 AA Alkaline batteries


Power Consumption:

  • Static Load<10Ua
  • Dynamic Load 100~150Ma
  • Working Environment:
  • Working Humidity: 20{abdca95c6de0655b685d9f26bec1320d2d0519e7ad072a76dbbd4e75e79a42f8}~90{abdca95c6de0655b685d9f26bec1320d2d0519e7ad072a76dbbd4e75e79a42f8}
  • Working Temperature: -50?~60?
  • Keycard Option: Mifare 1 card


  • Interface with most of the PMS systems, Fidelio/Opera registered!
  • CE & FCC Certified!
  • Brushed stainless steel color lasts more than10 years
  • ANSI Standard mortise
  • Inside Dead Bolt. Inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt.
  • Mifare 1K card, compatible with Mifare Energy Saver
  • Override Computer Key for Emergency use, individual or master cylinder
  • Personalized locking system and cylinder cover
  • Step by step installation software, easy operation. OEM locking system available
  • Classified Access Authorization for safety management
  • General master card, building master card, floor master card, guest card, Fire-alarm card
  • All cards with validity, guest card expires automatically at default check out date and time
  • Meeting room function and three levels of passage door functions
  • Lost guest card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function
  • Multiple operators with different card issuing authorizations
  • Lock operation record printable: 240 pcs or more
  • Receptionist card issuing records printable
  • Power: 4pcs #5 AA  Alkaline batteries. 18 months’ duration
  • Low battery voltage warning. (Lower than 3.5 V.)
  • Self Error detecting by LED and “beep”
  • Improper lock warning
  • Wireless stand alone lock realizes 95{abdca95c6de0655b685d9f26bec1320d2d0519e7ad072a76dbbd4e75e79a42f8} of online lock function
  • Passage function available

Can be integrated with 16 public areas such as Lift/Parking/Swimming Pool/Sauna Room/Tennis court/Gym …etc. That is to say, one Guest card not only can open its own Guest room but also can open other common areas such as Lift, Parking, Club, Swimming…etc optionally (such as if the guest pays for Lift, Parking, Club, Swimming…etc, his Guest card can open its own Guest room and Lift, Parking, Club, Swimming…etc; if not, his Guest card can only open its own Guest room).

Also it is suitable for suite Guest room.


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